EMG, the World’s First Web3 Telco Superapp

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC /GLOBEPRWIRE / May 13, 2024 / Emeldi Group, a pioneering force in the software industry, is proud to introduce EMG, the revolutionary Web3 Telco SuperApp. EMG sets a new benchmark in connectivity, communication, and commerce by providing a full array of services under one roof and effortlessly integrating the finest of decentralized technology. EMG is covering the DePIN and RWA sector in Web3 with their EMG SuperApp.

“The Emeldi Group has a rich legacy of innovation in the Telco industry, and EMG embodies our commitment to advancing the Web3 ecosystem,” said Mark Bystriansky Founder & Group CEO at Emeldi Group. “We recognize the challenges faced by billions of unbanked individuals worldwide, and EMG is our solution to democratizing access to essential services while driving economic empowerment.”

EMG unifies key features into a single, intuitive platform, redefining the conventional Telco experience. EMG provides customers with unmatched convenience and efficiency with its features, which include social network aggregation, instant messaging, mobile money transfer, P2P transactions, video calls, CRM, and more.

The Web3 EMG SuperrApp will bring a paradigm shift to Telecom incumbent operators in Europe. Telecom Slovenia and IPKO, combined have 1.5 million paying subscribers and will now be able to use the mobile EMG app for ordering the Telecoms product & services, they will be able to use $EMG for paying their phone bills buying products & services and phone devices with $EMG token

Key Features of the EMG SuperApp

EMG SuperApp offers solutions tailored to meet the needs of the unbanked and underserved populations:

Financial Empowerment: Users earn money simply by using the app, with a unique 5% cashback on each transaction. Additionally, EMG provides a non-custodial digital wallet, offering financial independence to the unbanked.

Universal Connectivity: EMG ensures instant communication for those who are unconnected, bridging the digital divide and fostering inclusivity.

Affordable Access: Through partnerships and initiatives, EMG offers mobile devices at drastically reduced prices, making technology accessible to all.

Powerful Cross-Chain Swaps: EMG has partnered with the CuloSwap meta aggregator swap to allow for future trading seamlessly cross-chain in the EMG App.

E-commerce Integration: With pre-existing e-commerce solutions serving over 60 million Telco users, EMG enables Telcos to retain clients within their branded app, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

“EMG represents a paradigm shift in the Telco industry, where innovation meets social impact,” added Mark. “By leveraging Web3 technologies, we are not only transforming the way people connect and transact but also driving positive change in underserved communities worldwide.”

Future Plans.

EMG Group is set to launch its $EMG ecosystem token Tuesday May 14th, 2024 on QuickSwap (DEX). EMG Coin represents a groundbreaking step towards financial inclusion and empowerment, aligning with Emeldi Group’s mission to bridge the digital divide and high value in savings, earnings, and payment potential using $EMG.

For more information about EMG and its upcoming launch, visit https://emgroups.io/

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Contact person: Mark Bystrisnsky

Company Name: EMELDI Group

E-mail : info@emgroups.io

Website: https://emgroups.io/


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