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NICOSIA, CYPRUS, November 14, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – announced its official launch on the BNB Chain Mainnet. Starting from November 14th, players will be able to access the Open beta version of the game on Mainnet, earn great rewards and $KALE, and have their progress saved forever.

What is is a blockchain game that offers players the chance to build a virtual startup from the ground up. With two engaging modes – Tycoon mode for office management and Collectible Card Game (CCG) mode for project completion – the game not only provides a platform for strategic thinking but also imparts valuable lessons in business development, all while delivering a dose of entertainment. Inspired by the Take My Muffin adult cartoon, delivers a dynamic mix of challenging tasks, clever humor, and visually stunning graphics.

The Open Beta stage on the Testnet is almost over, but everyone can register and start playing without any upfront investments. The exciting news is that is now in the process of being listed on the Epic Games Store, marking a pivotal milestone towards widespread adoption. This listing is poised to boost its popularity, exposing thousands of WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0 players to the game and sparking interest in this distinctive startup-themed card game.

Milestones passed in 2023

In the year 2023, has taken significant strides toward its public release:


  • The successful completion of both the Closed Alpha and Open Alpha stages has paved the way for the implementation of full-fledged game mechanics.
  • The Bug Contest, coupled with community participation during the private Alpha stage, enabled developers to address code discrepancies, enhance the gaming experience, and make informed decisions regarding upcoming updates.
  • A shift in focus towards the Collectible Card Game was decided upon, foregoing the development of the Tycoon mode. This strategic move aims to engage players in the most challenging and captivating aspect of the gameplay.
  • Exciting collaborations lie ahead, as partners with notable NFT artists and explores ventures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm to collectively shape the future of WEB 3.0 gaming. The team is actively exploring potential joint ventures.
  • The accumulation of extensive feedback from the public, particularly from the crypto community and early users on social media, has significantly expanded Bluelight’s online presence. These insights have proven invaluable in enhancing the overall gaming experience.

What’s inside the Open Beta on Mainnet?

The Open Beta on Mainnet has preserved the majority of changes made for Open Beta on Testnet. These improvements include:

  • Renewed map
  • Refined UX and menu.
  • Game progress is now saved forever and synced with the server.
  • The Shop allows players to purchase character cards, discount packs and furniture – everything to enhance their experience.
  • New game mechanics: players will be able to purchase characters and add them to card packs, and arrange office furniture. Note that placement of stuff in the Tycoon mode will not be reflected in the Collectible card game, so users may simply exhibit the most beautiful items in their virtual space.

What does the switch to the Mainnet mean?

Switching to the Mainnet has a few perks.

First, be aware that your progress in the game will be erased because of blockchain switching from Testnet to Mainnet. However, from now on, your game advancement will be saved permanently.

Second, switching to the Mainnet means that you will have access to $KALE – the native token that fuels in-game trading (in the Shop and later – in the Marketplace) and will also serve as a reward. It will be accessible in both BEP-20 and ERC-20 networks, and is traded on Cryptology in the KALE/USDT pair.

Final note

Prior to the launch of Open Beta on the Mainnet, Season 00 with leaderboards and special prizes will last until December 3rd. So if you still want to participate and get a chance to win precious rewards, you’ve got less than a month left!

Also, will release its teaser clip to enlighten the community on the game concept and get everyone acquainted with San Crypto and Dealan’s dream team. The video is coming out soon, don’t miss it!

Keep tabs on Bluelight’s updates and news – visit their website, subscribe on Medium, Telegram, and Discord.

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