U-MINE ROM COIN: A Future Industry Model Driving Innovation

Exploring innovation in shopping, tourism, and logistics industries inspired by the Quick Commerce business model.

ROM_COIN is a project that brings blockchain technology into everyday life, offering innovative alternatives in industries such as shopping, tourism, and logistics. It showcases an interesting model that combines the Quick Commerce business model and the globally trending K-food and K-culture.


The business model that ROM_COIN has focused on is a South Korean Quick Commerce company called Romarket.

Romarket is a Korean Quick Commerce company that helps local small and medium-sized stores compete against giant platform companies, enabling them to sustain local economies. The company’s proprietary payment and store management system (patented technology) can be compatible with any POS system worldwide. Having a system compatible with all types of POS means that any offline store in any region of the world can connect their system online and immediately utilize the services provided by Romarket. Additionally, they can use the store as a logistics hub for Romarket. ROM_COIN believes that by combining blockchain technology with the Romarket business model and expanding globally, new innovations are possible not only in purchasing and payment but also in currency exchange, remittances, tourism, and the logistics industry.


ROM_COIN aims for global business expansion.

ROM_COIN plans to modify, expand, and strengthen Romarket’s system to fit the global business context for expansion into various countries. Unlike the traditional approach of large-scale upfront investment, ROM_COIN’s overseas expansion will be carried out in a lightweight and straightforward manner. Any local store from around the world can enter the ROM_COIN ecosystem by simply connecting their POS system with Romarket’s system. This will allow them to engage in discussions about sourcing products handled by Romarket.

ROM_COIN, used as a payment method in various countries, will not only facilitate purchases of overseas products and travel expenses but also enable easy cross-border transactions without expensive exchange fees and complex procedures. Furthermore, ROM_COIN could serve as an alternative to overseas remittances.


ROM_COIN is not solely reliant on blockchain; it presents a combination of existing business models and blockchain, showcasing a new vision. The innovative ideas of ROM_COIN and its supporting business system effectively explain the feasibility of this project.

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Organization: Pando Tree Limited

Contact Person: CHOI WON SEOG

Website: https://romrom.io/

Email: pandotree01@gmail.com

Country: Singapore

Release Id: 0809236172

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